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The Future of Diamonds - Lab-Grown or Mined?
May 18, 2020
The Future of Diamonds - Lab Grown or Mined?

Expressing love and commitment through diamond jewelry is a time-honored tradition. The phrase "Diamonds are forever" highlights this, as diamond engagement rings have been a timeless symbol of love throughout history. However, it's essential that we re-consider the type of diamonds we purchase. Lab grown diamonds are a superior alternative to mined diamonds in every aspect.

It is important to note that lab grown diamonds Hong Kong are just as genuine and authentic as mined diamonds. Unlike mined diamonds, which are formed within the earth's surface, lab grown diamonds HK are produced in labs using high-tech methods. These diamonds are made by exposing small diamonds called "seeds" to high pressure and temperature within a carbon-saturated chamber, which replicates the natural process of diamond formation but in a much faster time frame. As a result, the chemical and physical properties of lab grown diamonds are identical to those of natural diamonds and cannot be differentiated by experts.

In conclusion, diamonds created by man in a laboratory are authentic diamonds and not a fake like cubic zirconia or any other diamond imitation. Although they may resemble diamonds, imitations lack the durability and longevity of genuine diamonds and won't pass close inspection.

Let's now delve into the many benefits that laboratory-grown diamonds offer over traditionally mined diamonds, particularly in terms of the environment, customer satisfaction, and, most significantly, human well-being.

Diamond extraction through mining has already taken a toll on the environment before the diamonds are even processed. Diamond mining's impact on the environment cannot be ignored, regardless of the measures taken to minimize it. This leads to soil degradation and deforestation, as well as displacement of local communities and the escalation of humanitarian issues. Additionally, the mining process often requires the exploitation of rivers and streams, leading to their eventual ruin. In the past, miners have redirected rivers and constructed dams to access riverbeds, causing devastating effects on local wildlife and fish populations that communities depend on for survival. Extreme cases of diamond mining have even resulted in the complete destruction of ecosystems, with few recovering fully after the diamonds have been extracted. Moreover, a significant portion of diamonds are extracted in Africa, controlled by warlords, where child labor and slavery are rampant, hence the nickname "Blood Diamonds."

The Future of Diamonds - Lab-Grown or Mined?

Lab grown diamonds, as their name implies, are grown under the supervision of scientists and engineers in highly regulated labs and therefore do not pose any concerns as they are both child labour and environmentally friendly. In contrast to mined diamonds, which are often contaminated by impurities in the environment during their formation, diamonds that are created in a laboratory with strictly controlled processes naturally result in brighter and whiter diamonds with almost no defects. In fact, lab grown diamonds even sparkle more than mined diamonds since they are generally cut to get perfect cuts since there is more rough material to work with. Because mined diamonds come in random shapes and sizes, they are cut to achieve the best weight to reduce wastage and maximize profit. Aside from this, coloured diamonds manufactured in laboratories are much more vibrant and uniform than their mined counterparts, which is achieved through the careful and precise dosing of trace chemicals.

One might expect that diamonds of superior quality produced without environmental and human impact would come with a high price tag for consumers. However, in reality, lab grown diamond jewelry can save you up to 70% compared to similar mined diamond jewelry. This means that you can buy a larger diamond with a more intricate design and metalwork for the same budget. As a result, you can create a family heirloom that will maintain its sentimental and monetary value for generations to come.