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How To Find Your Ring Size

Our team understands that getting a ring size right for yourself or your fiancée would be very frustrating, especially if you're trying to keep the proposal secret from your loved one. In order to make your proposal as worry-free as possible, Novita offers a range of solutions and options for finding the right size for you, whether or not you are trying to keep it a secret from your partner.

For Surprise Proposals

Let our Experts Help You

Don't worry about the measurement; let us handle it! To ensure you get the most accurate results, visit us at any of our showrooms. You can also send us a picture of your hand or your fiancée's hand, and our team members will estimate the ring size based on the picture, which is not an easy task, but our team is experienced at it and able to get very close to the actual size.

The ring should always be slightly bigger so that it will fit on the proposal day because fingers naturally expand when active. If, however, after she has said yes, and it turns out that the ring doesn't fit perfectly, she can always have her ring resized by visiting any one of our NOVITA showrooms. NOVITA recognizes the importance of achieving the perfect fit, which is why we are pleased to offer one free resize with purchase of an engagement ring (which is valid for one year after initial purchase).

We offer our free ring sizer if you find it difficult to visit our showroom or any other jewellery store.

TIP: Rings are meant to be tight and difficult to take on and off. Before purchasing an engagement ring, ensure your finger is snugly fitted with our free ring sizer.

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Download Our Ring Sizer

A great way to find your or fiancé’s ring size from the comfort of your home is by downloading and then printing our "How to find your ring size" guide. We will include two straightforward methods for measuring ring size.
To begin, you will need a ruler that you can easily cut out and use to measure the ring finger directly. The included instructions will guide you to finding your size in no time.
The second method involves measuring the current ring worn by you or your loved one rather than the finger. Take out one of the rings she or you wear, but make sure it is not for the thumb or the pinkie finger. Then match the ring with printed circles to find its size. This method works in the case where the wearer already has a well-worn and comfortable ring.
Alternatively, if you want a more accurate measurement, order a free ring sizing kit and it will be delivered to you. In Hong Kong, you should receive your ring sizer within approximately 1-4 days. Please allow up to 14 days when ordering from outside Hong Kong, depending on your location. By clicking on the button below and filling out your details, you can order one and we will deliver it right to your doorsteps.

Download Our Ring Sizer

For Semi-Surprise Proposals

Ring Resize

When it comes to ring size, the best way to ensure that the rings are perfect with your partner is to try them on in person. Visit any of our showrooms, and our staff will be more than happy to accurately measure the finger size for a comfortable and secure ring. If there is no NOVITA showroom in your city yet, you can instead visit a local jewellery store to have your finger measured.

Helpful Tips

  1. On cold days your fingers may be slightly smaller.
  2. On hot days your fingers may be slightly swollen.
  3. Wider rings will feel tighter.
  4. Usually, our dominant hand is slightly bigger.
  5. Thinner rings will feel looser.
  6. We can try to estimate the finger size if you send us photos of her hand.
  7. If unsure, the most common sizes are M - N /6 - 6.5

Remember to visit our 12 Months Free Resizing page

Ring Size Chart

Different states use different measurement units, so you can use the international ring size conversion chart below as a reference to find your ring size.

Ring Size Chart
Inside Circumference
(Approx. mm)
Inside Diameter
(Approx. mm)
A 1/2 37.54 11.95
B 1   1/8 38.86 12.37
C 1   1/2 40.15 12.78
D 2 41.50 13.21
E 2   1/2 42.76 13.61
F 3 44.14 14.05
F 1/2 3   1/8 44.45 14.15
G 3   1/2 45.11 14.36
G 1/2 3   5/8 45.74 14.56
H 4 46.02 14.65
H 1/2 4   1/8 46.68 14.86
I 4   3/8 47.25 15.04
I 1/2 4   5/8 47.97 15.27
J 4   7/8 48.38 15.40
J 1/2 5   1/8 49.32 15.70
K 5   3/8 49.64 15.80
K 1/2 5   5/8 50.27 16.00
L 5   7/8 50.58 16.10
L 1/2 6   1/8 51.55 16.41
M 6   3/8 51.87 16.51
M 1/2 6   5/8 52.50 16.71
N 6   7/8 53.16 16.92
N 1/2 7 53.82 17.13
O 7   3/8 54.51 17.35
O 1/2 7   1/2 54.82 17.45
P 7   3/4 55.76 17.75
P 1/2 8 56.45 17.97
Q 8   1/4 57.15 18.19
Q 1/2 8   1/2 57.65 18.35
R 8   3/4 58.47 18.61
R 1/2 9 59.06 18.8
S 9   1/4 60.00 19.10
S 1/2 9   1/2 60.66 19.31
T 9   3/4 61.29 19.51
T 1/2 10 62.33 19.84
U 10   1/4 62.89 20.02
U 1/2 10   1/2 63.46 20.20
V 10   3/4 63.84 20.32
V 1/2 11 64.97 20.68
W 11   1/4 65.22 20.76
W 1/2 11   1/2 65.78 20.94
X 11   3/4 66.54 21.18
X 1/2 12 66.92 21.30
Y 12   1/8 67.51 21.49
Y 1/2 12   1/2 68.14 21.69
Z 12   5/8 68.77 21.89

The average ring size in UK are M,N sizes. If your partner has smaller than average fingers we would recommend a J,K or L size and if they have larger than average fingers we would recommend O,P or Q size. Please remember that your first resize is free.

Please remember that your first resize is free, so there is no need to stress if you get it wrong the first time.

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