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Lets explore and dive in to this guide: What are lab grown diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are an ethical alternative to mined diamonds. They are created using cutting-edge technology in laboratories, using the same principles that natural diamonds require to be formed - heat, pressure, and carbon. Lab grown diamonds take just weeks to be created, but they mimic every aspect of a natural diamond visually and chemically.

Exactly Like A Diamond Mined

Man made diamonds and mined diamonds are indistinguishable to each other even to the most skilled gemmologists.

Friendly To The Environment And Conflict-Free

A lab created diamond is the only ethical choice when buying diamonds.

The Best Value For Your Money

You can get a bigger and better diamond for a fraction of the price of a mined diamond.

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Lab Grown Diamonds Guide

Ready to learn all about lab diamonds?

Novita Diamonds is a pioneer in the lab created diamond industry. We are currently the largest retailer of lab created diamonds in Hong Kong and all over the world. We are women owned and led company and as the leading players in the global diamond retail market, we are very well-versed in the ins and outs of the industry. We would like to share our decades of knowledge and experience with you freely. With offices in key cities all around the world, our international panel of experts and gemmologists have compiled their valuable knowledge and insights into unprecedented articles in our blog section, including industry-shaking exposé on the insider story of man made diamonds, all relayed by direct witnesses in our blogs. Besides the must-read 4Cs and how to shop, which are must read for new customer, you will also find incredibly valuable guides, distilled to the very core to keep them concise, on everything related to man made diamonds.

How to choose the perfect lab diamond in Hong Kong?

Novita Diamonds has been instrumental in helping numerous clients in Hong Kong realize their dream of owning a lab-grown diamond. We provide support through our state-of-the-art, user-friendly website or by visiting our specialized showrooms, which are conveniently located in the heart of Hong Kong. To find out more about this check lab grown diamonds Hong Kong.

To make browsing our website easier, we recommend visiting our Start With A Diamond Page, where you'll find the "Available in Showroom" tab. This section features a collection of the finest hand-picked lab-grown diamonds available in Hong Kong. Our team of local expert gemmologists has meticulously curated this list, tirelessly sorting through thousands of diamonds to ensure that we offer only the best options to you. To learn more about our "Available in Showroom" diamonds, make sure to check out our informative video.

Why should I choose a lab grown diamond?

There are three main reasons why Hong Kong residents prefer man made diamonds over mined diamonds.
1. THE PRICE - thanks to lab made diamonds, you can now get the diamond ring you've always wanted without breaking the bank!
2. IDENTICAL IN LOOK AND CHEMESTRY - A laboratory made diamond is the same as a mined diamond not only physically but also chemically and optically.
3. ETHICALLY AND CONFLICT FREE - All our diamonds are ethically made and 100% Mine-Free. They are the only diamonds on the market that are naturally environmentally friendly and conflict-free.

How much does a lab diamond cost?

Lab grown diamonds are significantly more affordable than their mined counterparts. For example, a round 1.00CT D VS1 lab diamond currently costs just $ 1,700, which is around 75% less than the cost of a natural diamond. This is why more and more consumers are choosing lab grown diamonds. Another example is a round 2.00CT E VS1 lab diamond, which costs just $ 5,700. To browse thousands of diamonds that we have available locally in Australia, please visit our select a diamond page.

Are lab grown diamonds simulants?

It is important to realize that lab diamonds are not imitations. The problem is that there are some shady companies out there who sell diamond imitations, which are of inferior quality, to unsuspecting customers. Many use clever words giving them names such as round brilliant, synthetic diamonds, artificial, moissanite, cubic zirconia, crystals, and diamond simulants, to make them sound like manufactured diamonds. Those are simply not diamonds and you need to be very careful. Engagement rings are too important to get wrong. Take your time, read reviews, and make sure the diamond you are spending your money on is a real diamond.

Lab made diamonds in HK are also known by the following alternatives which have the same meaning; Manufactured Diamonds, lab created diamonds Hong Kong, cultured diamonds HK, above earth diamonds, lab grown diamonds HK, mine-free diamonds, ethical diamonds, CVD diamonds, HPHT diamonds, lab diamonds Hong Kong.

Gemmologist Note: Synthetic diamonds is a term also used to described man made diamonds in HK, however there are websites out there using synthetic diamonds as a term but they are actually delivering simulants and other diamond imitations like cubic zirconia.

How to purchase a lab diamond ring?

We have a wide selection of the finest diamonds in our showrooms from every category and shape, as our gemmologists curate and classify only the finest stones so you don't have to. The process of finding the perfect lab created diamond engagement ring is easy and enjoyable with our state-of-the-art, user-friendly platform. To get started, just select the shape, size or any other parameters you want, and you will see a list of all the diamonds available in the HK and our international stock. You will then be prompted to choose a ring setting from our stunning and ever-growing collection. Alternatively, you can choose to just buy the diamond without the ring. You can also visit our Hong Kong showrooms to see the diamonds and ring designs in person and buy your ring there.

Our gemmologists or experts will guide you through the process of choosing the perfect lab created diamond ring for you or your loved one during your 1-on-1 free consultation, either in the showroom or through Zoom. Our friendly staff are always on hand to guide you, so feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

Lastly, Novita’s online and physical jewellery stores also specialise in both CVD and HPHT diamonds, GIA lab made diamonds, IGI lab grown diamond rings HK, diamond earrings, diamond wedding bands, diamond wedding rings, custom made wedding rings, women’s wedding rings, men’s wedding rings, diamond earrings, diamond studs, diamond tennis bracelets, bespoke engagement ring, diamond necklaces, diamond pendants, proposal ring, unique engagement rings, designer engagement rings, diamond earrings, handmade engagement rings and diamond rings on sale.

Do lab diamonds change colour?

No, they do not. The rumour that lab created diamonds change colour over time is false. It was a fabrication spread by the diamond mining industry. This false claim was debunked when the Gemmological Institute of America (GIA) began certifying lab grown diamonds, joining the International Gemmological Institute (IGI) in doing so. This means that the two largest gemmological authorities in the world would not certify any stone that might change in appearance over time. For an in-depth report, our expert gemmologists have written an excellent article called lab grown diamonds are forever.

Are lab diamonds ethical?

Lab grown diamonds are currently the only truly ethical option available on the market. Prior to their introduction, consumers had no choice but to purchase mined diamonds, which are notorious for causing environmental damage and for their association with conflict or blood diamonds. With lab grown diamonds, there is no need for mining and no risk of purchasing a conflict diamond. To learn more about this topic, we invite you to visit our educational page on why lab grown diamonds or check out our blog post, is the diamond Kimberley process a flop? Our blog offer valuable insights into the diamond industry that you won't find anywhere else. At Novita Diamonds, we always strive to provide you with the most up-to-date information and insights.

Are lab diamonds better than mined diamonds?

Since the introduction of man made diamonds to the market, it has become clear that they are superior to mined diamonds in every aspect. For one, consumers can save on average 75% while still receiving a product of the same quality. Additionally, due to cutting-edge technological advances, lab grown diamonds do not have the conventional problems that are often associated with mined diamonds. For more detailed information, please refer to our article why lab grown diamonds are better than mined diamonds, written by our expert gemmologists.

IGI vs GIA in lab grown diamonds – What are the differences?

Both GIA and IGI are reputable laboratories, but our gemmologists recommend IGI for those looking to purchase lab grown diamonds. IGI was an early adopter and has since become the leading authority in diamond certifications. As a result, there is a wider range of lab grown diamonds to choose from with IGI, and their prices are generally better than GIA's. Another important factor to consider is that GIA does not provide printed hard copy certificates, whereas IGI provides both printed and online certificates.

Lab created diamonds vs moissanites - What are the differences?

Moissanites cannot be compared to diamonds and do not come close to resembling them. Firstly, moissanites cannot be created in true white colours. Secondly, they have a rainbow-like sparkle that makes them look like costume jewellery. Thirdly, all moissanites have double refraction, which makes them look unusual to the eye no matter how they are cut or polished. For a comprehensive comparison between diamonds and moissanites, please refer to our blog post, Diamonds VS Moissanites: the Truths and the Lies, where we discuss all the main differences between the two.

Can I use a moissanite tester to test lab diamonds?

No. You cannot use a moissanite tester to test for the presence of moissanites because these testers are only designed to detect the presence of boron. Boron is used in the manufacturing of moissanites as well as in the process of creating lab grown diamonds. As a result, using a moissanite tester to test a lab grown diamond will produce a false reading.
In Summary

Lab grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds minus the big price tag. Getting lab diamonds not only saves you 75%, but also gives you a chance to do good because only lab diamonds are eco-friendly. It is also important to deal only with a company that specializes in lab created diamonds only, not one that gladly sells both.
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• Can I save 75% by getting a lab grown diamond?
Yes! The price of a lab-grown diamond is typically 75% lower than that of a mined diamond with similar qualities. It cost much more to mine diamonds from the ground than to grow them in a lab, which is the reason for the price difference. Whether mined or lab grown, diamonds are cut, polished, graded, certified, and transported in the same manner, and so the price difference is only due to the respective rough diamonds' production costs.
• Should I deal with a lab diamond specialist company?
You should always choose a specialist. The best place to buy lab grown diamonds is from an operator who only sells lab grown diamonds. A specialized company will always be able to provide a much higher level of service and product. Dealing directly with a lab grown diamond specialist is always the best option if one is interested in learning more or purchasing one.


• Are lab grown diamonds real?
Diamonds grown in laboratories are real diamonds, no doubt about it. They are created using the same chemical and physical processes that happen naturally inside the earth but are grown in a controlled laboratory environment where a starter seed of diamond crystal gradually becomes bigger as more and more carbon atoms are deposited on it. Chemically, physically, and optically, lab grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds; therefore, they are considered real diamonds. According to IGI and GIA, the two leading authorities on diamonds, coloured stones, and pearls, lab grown diamonds are graded according to the same scale and methodology as mined diamonds. If you would like more information, please visit our about lab diamonds page.
• How much cheaper are lab diamonds?
It is always significantly less expensive to grow diamonds in laboratories than to mine diamonds from the earth. The exact price difference will depend on various factors such as the size, quality, and specific type of diamond, but on average, lab grown diamonds are around 75% cheaper than natural diamonds. Due to the lower cost of making rough lab grown diamonds, they are much more economical than mining and extracting rough natural diamonds from the earth. Rough diamonds, however, must undergo all the same processes to become retail-ready, including cutting, polishing, and certification, regardless of whether they come from a mine or a lab.

For instance, a mined diamond costs $10,000, while a lab diamond costs $2,500, netting you a massive saving of $7,500.
• Do lab diamonds test as diamonds?
It does not matter whether diamonds are lab grown or mined; testing is the same for both mined and lab grown diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds, so they will exhibit the same properties and characteristics when tested. Hardness, refractive index, thermal conductivity, and other characteristics are among those that make diamonds special, regardless of whether they were mined or man-made.
• Do lab grown diamonds have inclusions?
As with natural diamonds, most lab grown diamonds also contain inclusions. Inclusions are natural imperfections that are found within diamonds, and they can occur in both natural and lab grown diamonds. Inclusions can take many forms, such as tiny bubbles or carbon deposits trapped inside the diamond as it formed. As with natural diamonds, most lab created diamonds have flaws, and only a very small percentage can be flawless. For more information about diamond clarity, check out our 4Cs guide.
• Can I insure lab grown diamond rings?
Laboratory grown diamonds can be insured in the same way as mined diamonds; they are treated as mined diamonds, so they can be insured the same way as mined diamonds. You can purchase your lab grown diamond ring insurance through your specialized jewellery insurance policy. Your insurance policy will typically cover the cost of replacing or repairing your lab grown diamond ring if it is lost, stolen, or damaged. Make sure you read the terms of your insurance policy carefully to understand what it covers and what it doesn't.


• Do lab grown diamonds help save the environment?
Historically, the only way to obtain rough diamonds has been mining the land, but new methods of growing diamonds in laboratories have forever altered the diamond industry. Diamond mining always destroys the land, disrupts ecosystems, and wastes a lot of water and energy. On the other hand, because they are grown in a controlled laboratory environment, they do not require the mining and extraction of natural resources and have no environmental impact. For the planet to heal, diamond mining must be eliminated completely, and lab grown diamonds represent the only realistic alternative. If you would like to learn more about this, please visit our section on ethical diamonds and eco friendly diamonds.
• Can lab diamonds eliminate blood diamonds?
Laboratory grown diamonds do not cause or sustain conflict or violations of human rights unlike those mined from the earth, also known as 'Blood Diamonds'. The introduction of lab grown diamonds to the global diamond market has become the only way to combat blood diamonds. Creating a sustainable diamond industry will not be easy; experts estimate it could take decades. Novita Diamond's top gemmologist discusses blood diamonds in more detail in our blog.
• Are lab grown diamonds mostly cut to perfection?
During diamond mining, diamonds are found in random shapes and sizes, often forcing cutters to sacrifice quality for carat weight. Remember that carats are the #1 factor determining diamond prices. Diamonds grown in labs can be tailored to grow into specific shapes, making them much easier for cutters to work with, allowing them to produce diamonds of much better proportions than would have been possible with mined diamonds. You can learn more about a diamond cut here.
• Is there a monopoly or price manipulation on lab diamonds?
There's no truth to that, because only mined diamonds were subject to a monopoly. As has been proven in court many times, natural diamond prices have been manipulated throughout history due to the monopoly held by De Beers. Unlike mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds are not marketed by a single entity and are thus not subject to price manipulations or monopolies. Consequently, lab diamonds are fairly priced and valued on a global scale. Find out more about the monopoly of mined diamonds and how it changed diamonds forever.


• Why do not all retailers deal with lab grown diamonds?
It has been relatively slow for lab grown diamonds to gain market acceptance; the mining industry has been intensely resistant to them ever since they were introduced. This is normal for any industry that is being disrupted. Lab created diamonds are not available at most large high-end brands right now, and this is unlikely to change anytime soon.
• Why GIA does not provide printed certificates for lab diamonds?
It is GIA's policy only to issue electronic certificates for lab grown diamonds in order to lower the value of lab diamonds in consumers' eyes. Because of politics, GIA was late in entering the lab created diamond market; the mistake cost them dearly and left them forever in second place. By contrast, IGI became the undisputed world leader in the certification of lab diamonds. Check out the full story for more details GIA VS IGI.

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