Proudly Women Owned and Led!
Sep 21, 2021
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Proudly Women Owned and Led!

Novita Diamonds offers consumers a new option that breaks away from the outdated, conventional views of the diamond industry. With their focus on creating beautiful, ethically responsible and affordable diamond jewellery, Novita Diamonds sets a new standard for the industry. From the initial purchase to the final product, Novita Diamonds is committed to delivering high-quality, sustainable and ethically responsible diamond jewellery. With an all-female ownership, the company prioritizes women's perspectives and needs, resulting in a customer-focused, inclusive approach. 

To give you a complete understanding of the situation, let's start from the beginning. "Iris Arnold," who is the founder and director of Novita Diamonds, has a long and successful career. Throughout this time, she has seen how traditional and established diamond companies take advantage of their customers. Often, first-time buyers are new to the industry and lack the knowledge to make informed decisions that work in their favor, rather than the seller's.

However, most of the employees of these stores and companies tried their best to help the customers make the right purchase decision despite the top-down pressure and interference from upper management to persistently upsell expensive options and addons that were not suitable, in either taste or budget, for the customer. The employees that tried the hardest to help were the ones who could consistently emphasise with the customers, risking the displeasure of management to provide genuine recommendations. 

Despite this, many employees at these companies and stores made an effort to assist customers in making informed purchasing decisions, despite pressure from upper management to continuously push expensive options and upgrades that were not suitable for the customer's taste or budget. The employees who had the greatest positive impact were those who dared to defy management by providing genuine advice that did not always result in the greatest profit for the company. These employees were frequently women who established strong connections with customers. Sadly, these individuals were often prevented from pursuing and executing their well-deserved ideas and innovative visions.

Therefore, Iris determined that the only solution to these persistent problems was to establish a company owned and run by women - this is the origin of Novita Diamonds. The aim of the company has remained constant throughout its existence: to empower employees to surpass expectations and deliver a range of options, value, and an exceptional customer experience.

Proudly Women Owned and Led!

100% Female Management and 85% Female Workforce

In order to bring about real change, it's necessary to start from the foundation. We carefully vet each of our employees, the majority of whom are women, at least 85%, to guarantee that they are enthusiastic and dedicated to Novita Diamond's objective of delivering top-notch service to our customers. By examining the weaknesses of established brands, Iris fostered a culture of accountability and empowerment among her female workers. Unlike conventional male-dominated management that disregards valuable customer insights and ideas in favor of arbitrary decisions, at Novita, anyone is empowered and encouraged to speak up and have a say in shaping the company's direction.

Our unique management approach has already set us apart from the competition and contributed to our success. During the early days of Novita Diamonds, the female staff, with the support of Iris, made a collective decision to only sell lab grown diamonds Hong Kong. These lab grown diamonds offer exceptional value to our customers, enabling them to purchase higher quality and larger lab grown diamonds HK, while also being environmentally friendly and ethically produced without any use of slave labour.

With our philosophy of empowering women employees, Novita Diamonds has been able to concentrate on meaningful and impactful areas. While many traditional jewelry stores spend a lot of money renting high-profile locations to attract customers, Novita Diamonds takes a different approach. We provide a simplified and focused online shopping experience, and limit our appointments to tranquil and relaxed locations, allowing our highly passionate female agents to excel at guiding customers towards the right purchases without any upselling or pressure. Our inclusive decision-making philosophy also applies to the creation of new ring and jewelry designs. By collectively participating in the design process, testing, and final approval, our female workforce ensures that all new designs are practical and bring value to our customers.

We are confident in our workforce and management approach, which is why we will continue to prioritize and hire a majority of women, keeping our competitive advantage and focusing on the customer experience.