Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are better than mined Diamonds?
Mar 24, 2020
Why Lab Grown Diamonds are better than mined Diamonds?

The ethical concerns and criticisms that have plagued natural diamonds for the past century have now been addressed with the advancement of technology in lab grown diamond production. The process of purchasing diamond jewelry is no longer as financially or morally taxing as it once was. Furthermore, lab grown diamonds are consistently less expensive and of higher quality than comparable mined diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds Hong Kong are, without a doubt, real diamonds. They possess the same physical characteristics as mined diamonds, and even experts cannot distinguish them. However, it is crucial to understand that they are not to be confused with cubic zirconia or other diamond imitations. Professional testing can reveal their chemical composition, distinguishing them from real diamonds. Despite their superficial similarities, they are fundamentally different and not as durable or long-lasting as real diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are produced in labs by utilizing technology to simulate the natural process of diamond formation. This is achieved by placing small diamond seeds in a carbon environment and exposing them to intense pressures and temperatures, resulting in an accelerated growth rate.

The carbon material undergoes melting, causing it to form a diamond around the seed. Upon reaching the desired size, the crystal of pure carbon, which is the definition of a diamond, is cooled before being cut and polished. Unlike diamonds extracted from the earth, which may contain environmental impurities, laboratory grown diamonds are produced in a controlled environment, leading to a brighter and whiter diamond with fewer defects.

Furthermore, lab grown diamonds HK are more consistent and vibrant compared to mined ones. This is achieved through the precise addition of trace chemicals, producing superior colored diamonds compared to those found in nature. For instance, yellow diamonds are tinted with nitrogen while blue diamonds get their hue from boron.

Why Lab-Grown Diamonds are better than mined Diamonds?

You might expect diamonds grown in a lab to come with a high price tag, but in reality, you can save up to 40% by opting for lab grown diamond jewelry instead of comparable mined diamond pieces. This means that for the same budget, you can get a larger diamond with intricate metalwork and a more elaborate design, creating a family heirloom that retains its sentimental and monetary value for generations.

On the other hand, lab grown diamonds are ethically and environmentally friendly, as they are created in highly regulated labs without causing any harm to the environment or humans. They also do not have any association with human rights violations, making them a better option for customers who are conscious about the impact of their purchases. In conclusion, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds that offer a superior product with a cleaner conscience, making them a wise choice for anyone looking to purchase diamond jewellery.

In conclusion, lab grown diamonds are not just a cost-effective alternative to mined diamonds, but also an ethical and environmentally responsible choice. They provide consumers with a way to own high-quality diamonds without the guilt of contributing to environmental degradation and human suffering. Whether you're looking for a diamond engagement ring or just a piece of diamond jewellery for yourself, lab grown diamonds are an excellent option that you can feel good about.

Yes, that's correct. By choosing lab grown diamonds, consumers not only get high-quality diamonds at a lower cost but also contribute to a sustainable future. The use of man made diamonds can reduce the negative impact on the environment and human lives associated with traditional diamond mining, making it the only responsible and ethical choice.