Novita Diamonds partners with charity Dress For Success
Nov 26, 2021
Giving Back
Novita Diamonds partners with charity Dress For Success
A major objective of Novita Diamonds is to be a champion of change for the good of society. It starts with our firm refusal to do absolutely anything with mined diamonds. Even the slight chance of unwittingly selling a 'Blood Diamond' to a customer is a risk we cannot take. With the support of our customers, we have come a long way towards achieving our goal of supplanting mined diamonds as the only option. But that's not enough for us. To achieve tangible results that benefit the community, we joined forces with a prestigious charity to provide the kind of help that significantly impacts those who need it most.


An Empowering Partnership

Novita Diamonds partners with charity Dress For Success
We are pleased to announce a long-awaited partnership with Dress for Success who will be instrumental in helping us achieve our vision of enacting meaningful change. The reason for choosing Dress for Success as our partner is that we share the same fundamental mission. Dress for Success is a not-for-profit organization that helps women who may have fallen into financial difficulty find work and get back on their feet. Their track record of achieving financial independence speaks for itself since they have assisted over 4,500 unemployed women in Australia each year to find employment.
As a result of the pandemic and its aftermath, society has fundamentally changed. The way people live and work around the world has changed permanently, not always for the better. Businesses worldwide have had to adapt to the unprecedented challenges brought in by the pandemic or face closure, and we are no different. However, through our team's dedication and our customers' unwavering support, we have not only survived but actually thrived over the past two difficult years. NOVITA Diamonds was created to be a women-led company firstmost with a majority of female employees. By fostering an inclusive workplace culture at Novita, we promote employee confidence and personal responsibility, and we promote an organic workplace that respects women's opinions and ideas. Everyone, especially women, who are often ignored or talked over in favour of men, is encouraged to voice their opinion, pitch in their ideas, no matter how outlandish, and influence the company's direction.
With a majority female leadership team, Novita is intimately aware of the "She-cession," an economic downturn in which women suffer greater job and income losses than men. Since it doesn't conform to the mainstream narrative, this she-cession often goes unreported by the media. With an excess of 85% of our workforce being female, we understand how incredibly tough it is for women to break into the workforce that has historically undervalued and exploited them. As an active player in supporting underprivileged women in getting hired for meaningful work, Novita strives to help them gain confidence and financial stability for their families.
We have brought happiness to countless customers as the world's largest retailer of lab grown diamonds in Hong Kong by providing stunning symbols of beauty and love at unparalleled price points. We know for a fact that for many, jewellers like studs and pendants are usually an indicator of wealth and social status. Still, to many others, such jewellery is an inseparable part of their identity and a means of expressing their personality. Like clothes and shoes, jewellery is often an integral part of the wearers' wardrobe and vital for maintaining their self-esteem and confidence. In a job market that is particularly hostile to vulnerable women, confidence and self-esteem are absolutely essential to achieving Success and happiness.



Novita Diamonds partners with charity Dress For Success

To give these underprivileged women an opportunity to take success into their own hands, for the whole month of December 2021, 25% of the total sales from our 0.75ct Lab Grown Diamond Martini Studs and our 0.5ct Total Lab Grown Diamond Pendant will be donated to Dress for Success whose mission is to empower women to achieve economic independence by providing a network of support, professional attire and the development tools to help women thrive in work and in life. The 2021 Australian Success Collection is a thoughtfully curated collection specifically chosen by women who have experienced injustice first-hand to help women feel inspired, connected and, therefore, empowered to make new connections and inspire each other. Join us and Dress for Success in the fight to preserve economic equality and progress for Australian women.

Shop our #DFSPOWERPIECE lab grown diamonds HK collection where, through the rewarding purchase of beautiful lab grown diamonds jewellery for yourself and your loved ones, 25% of the total sale will go towards helping other women achieve their goals.


Perfectly matched stud earrings, featuring two round brilliant cut lab grown diamonds, set in a secure 18ct gold three-prong "martini" setting with a push back post.

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Timeless solitaire diamond pendant, set with a finely cut lab grown round diamond, firmly held in an 18ct gold four-prong setting fixed with a bail. (chain not included)

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